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Are you looking for a personal or business website ? Select one of theme that meets your needs and start building today.

Build Your Unique Online Presence

Create your online presence with simple steps.

Select a template

Start your online presence with our business templates and customize them according to your need.

Add Features

Start your own blog, events to showcase your business or personal portfolio. Use drag and drop widgets.

Optimize for search engines

Easy to setup and manage SEO Settings. Just add content and manage your SEO settings to get found online.

Mobile Responsive

Create your website that works seamlessly across all devices. Customise content based on devices for better navigation.

More Design Freedom

Yelko page editor is a simple drag and drop builder. It makes a web page become more like a canvas where you can place blocks anywhere on it, freely arrange them, align, scale, rotate, shape and more.

Responsive Design

Absolute positioning can be implemented using percentage values to make content or blocks get positioned based on its container. You can also use width & height in percentage to make the dimension fluid (or use vw/vh unit to resize them based on the screen size).

Move, Scale, Rotate & More

Design to your dream

Our builder allows blocks to be highly adjustable. Even a slider can be re-shaped. Things that are only possible in a prototyping tool now made available in a production-ready tool with Yelko – no coding required.

What we offer with every website

All our websites are SSL Secured for all communication between user and server. Sites with SSL Security are likely to be trusted more.

SSL Secured Website

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Free Zoho Email Integration

Those options are already baked in with this model shoot me an email clear.

Mobile Adjustment

Design to your dream

While responsive is made automatic, our builder still allows you to make adjustments when necessary (such as on dimension, spaces, font size, visibility, etc). You can switch to tablet or mobile editing view and make the adjustments.

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