21 October 2020

A healthy brand style guide holds all the information about the brand identity. Brand style guide illustrates all aspects of a brand's character. It will describe each feature of your brand, from its mission statement and language usage to various colour schemes and photographs. The most potent ways of styles are to define the characteristics of your brand identity and to build a set of guidelines that describe the aesthetic values of your brand and the expression behind them.

Significance of brand style guide

For the business' growth and success, a clear brand style guide is critical. When you create a new brand, the Style Guide will decide how it can represent exactly its message and ensure that current and prospective clients are consistently aware of it with all its various products. A systematic and informative branding guide will still inform staff, partners and customers about the brand's presence. This is significant, particularly if writing or design assignments are transferred or if your goods are sold to third-party sellers. Your partners will still use your brand guide to understand the simple specifics of the project and the presentation of your company.

How to create a brand style guide

It is essential to conceive what matters the most for you and for your business while creating a brand style guide. Following are some ideas for creating a brand style guide for your business.

Define your brand personality

What's the personality of your brand? Take the time to build your brand identity before you build a strong brand style guide. The priorities, principles, mission and marketing objectives for your brand will be specified. A strong brand style guide defines how the appearance, voice and actions of your brand can convey these specifics.


See what other businesses in the same market are doing to develop their brand identity. While exploring others, keep a note of what you like and what you do not like in their brand personalities. The research would provide you with the essential information about the development of the brand style guide, and can also aware you of what has already done. Such studies may be a way of eliminating what is not effective or taking care of what has been done.

Include essential ingredients

The style guide for each company is special and can vary in depth and efficiency. One important purpose is to ensure that the design guide is coherent, simple to use and incorporates the following concrete elements:

  • Presentation
  • Typology
  • Choice of colours
  • Icons & Images
  • System of Grid
  • Voice tone

Plan for Evolution

Several of the leading brands are known for their vigorous growth. Your brand guide is alive and breathable text, which you will have to monitor and maintain as your company expands. Set a stable base such that the brand identity can quickly be established continuously. It is essential to make compulsory changes to your brand style guide as your business grows.